Sunday, December 28, 2008

Winter Wishes

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. We spent Christmas in Arizona visiting my family. Here is a picture of my family: mom, brother, me, and dad.

My mom has had this big basket for a few years now, I have always wanted this basket and I finally convinced her to give it to me. I knew my cats would love this basket, here is a picture of Gretchen and Sophia.

Here is the card we made at Claudia's two Fridays ago, I did not get a chance to post it before we went out of town. I really like this card and wanted to share it!

Best wishes for a wonderful New Year!

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Pam said...

OMG! I cannot believe how tall your brother is...I can't believe I haven't seen you and your family in over 10 years...15 years? Its been forever, I know.