Thursday, March 19, 2009

A not so lucky St. Patrick's Day

Tuesday/St. Patrick's Day was a district wide proficiency exam day for high school students. Even though we work at the same school Paul and I drive separately to school since he normally has after school rehearsals. I got home and was watching TV when Paul called and said that his car was not it the parking lot, someone stole his car. He called the police and was waiting for them to arrive. I drove back up to school to pick him up. The police came to the school and filled out a police report. Paul had one of his trumpets in the backseat and this particular trumpet is worth as much as the car if not more. On Wednesday we went to the Dean's office and looked at the surveillance tape. We looked at all of the viewpoints, the car was stolen at 11:11 am. One minute the car was there and the next minute it was gone, we could even see it drive out of the parking lot. Not once did we see anyone walk up to the car or struggle to get in. Our insurance issued us a rental car. We have to wait thirty days to see if the car is recovered. After thirty days our insurance will process the theft. We only have a couple of payments left before the car is paid off.

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