Sunday, September 7, 2008

Fall Cleaning

Yesterday and today I have been getting our guest room cleaned because my mom will be coming this week and she will be staying about a month. While I was cleaning this morning, I went out to the main part of our house and found all 3 of our cats sitting at the front door. There was a little critter scurrying around out front, and all 3 had front row tickets to watch the critter. I took this picture while they were all sitting together. We have a lot planned in the month that mom will be here. We have a shoe box party to attend, a rubber stamp convention, art in the park, I'll be hosting the stamp club that I belong to, and spending Friday nights at our friend Claudia's. My mom makes the best breakfast in the world, so she is welcome to stay as long as she would like!

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Amy said...

That is the cutest picture. I love it when cats get so focused. Now's the time that the little critters start coming out. At first when I saw the picture, I thought you locked them out of a room while you were cleaning.