Sunday, August 31, 2008

Linda Le Kniff

While Paul and I were on our cruise we attended an art auction. We bid on and won two signed paintings by Linda Le Kniff. These two pictures are not the ones we won, but I like these also. I'll post pictures of our artwork when we receive it. I absolutely love her work.


Amy said...

That's 'cause there's a kitty in the picture. I can't wait to see your pictures from your cruise. I know they're here, so where's your post???

Russ Robinson said...

My, My, My, Here I am doing a word search on Le Kniff paintings and I find a blogg on them. I saw a Le Kniff painting - Accord and liked it.
So, I see you like to rubber stamp. I had a friend that does that and lives in Las Vegas. Oh, my gosh it is Tiff. How are you? Gives Mary & me a call.

Russ Robinson said...

Oh and by the way - Nice pic Tiff.